Affiliate Disclaimer

Last Revised: July 19, 2023

We just wanted to take a moment to let you know that some of the links on our website are what’s known as ‘affiliate links.’ Now, don’t worry – there’s no extra cost to you, but it does mean that we may earn a small commission if you decide to buy something through one of those links. These commissions help us keep the lights on and continue providing you with great content.

Why do we use affiliate links, you ask? Good question! We aim to offer helpful, trustworthy, and unbiased information, and sometimes, we find products or services that we genuinely believe could benefit you. By partnering with these companies, we can continue to deliver top-notch content without bombarding you with ads.

It’s also worth noting that we take this responsibility seriously. We only recommend products or services that we’ve personally tried or thoroughly researched. We won’t ever link to something simply for the sake of earning a commission, as your trust means more to us than anything else.